© 2017 by Tom Mercer

What is OIKOS?

An oikos is, by definition, an “extended household.” At any

point in time, we are surrounded by a unique group of eight to

fifteen people, with whom we share life most closely. The oikos is

the most natural and common environment for evangelism and

discipleship to take place. In fact, 95% of all believers give credit to

someone in their oikos for leading them to Jesus. 


So it’s a big deal.


The oikos principle is not a ministry program. It’s not an event. It’s not a church emphasis.


Actually, oikos is like a worldview, set of lenses through which you can more simply and efficiently plan your day, organize your life, or even strategically build a local church. You’ll discover that oikos (a Greek word) is embedded in the New Testament. Effectively leveraging the oikos principle can provide you with a heightened sense of purpose and fulfillment, and give you the confidence you lack to make an impact for God’s Kingdom in your world!