My Monthly Statement

The earth is the LORD’s, and everything in it! — Psalm 24:1

So much for “Ten percent belongs to the Lord,” right! He might ask that we set the first tenth aside to honor the Lord in His church, but the other ninety percent evidently belongs to Him too. (Of course, I’m assuming it is also on planet Earth!)

As I surveyed my credit card statement this month, checking to make sure I had authorized every entry, I was wondering….Since “everything” I spend each month here on planet Earth (regardless of whether it’s cash or credit) all belongs to the Lord, I wonder if He would have authorized all of those purchases.

We’ve probably all received notifications from a bank indicating that our account information may have been hacked. (Such is life in a world where “tech security” seems to be an oxymoron!) And when it happens, boy do we get upset! “The nerve of someone trying to siphon someone else’s money to fund their own pursuits,” we think (probably out loud)! If it’s happened to you, you can undoubtedly remember how annoyed you felt.

So, I’m still wondering…why would God feel any less annoyed, should we decide to spend His money without consulting Him first. I am so thankful that God extends an equal measure of grace toward me for every measure of annoyance I send His direction.

So, the next time I review my monthly statement, I guess I need to remember that Someone else is reviewing it too!

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