World Serious

But whatever were gains to me I now consider loss for the sake of Christ. — Philippians 3:7

After game seven was in the books and the Houston Astros began celebrating their first ever World Championship, the discussion was on. Was the Dodgers’ season a failure?

Lots of people reminded us that they did win 104 games, were the best regular season team in baseball, had discovered some pretty good young talent, and played well enough to earn that game seven at home! But, the truth is, their mission was to become World Champions, and this year’s team failed to do that. They may have still driven to their house somewhere near the beach on that Wednesday night in a Maserati, but you know what? They weren’t happy.

It’s like, if one of the Apollo missions to the moon had enjoyed a perfect launch, the astronauts felt great and slept well for the duration of the trip to the moon, had engineered a clean insertion into Moon orbit, landed and then lifted off spectacularly, then enjoyed the 238K-mile ride home…but during re-entry did a face-plant into the Australian Outback? No matter what else might have gone right, Mission Control wouldn’t have walked away happy.

That’s like life. God has given us a mission. We could end up being the CEO of the most lucrative corporation on earth, have lived in the house that everyone in town envied, had driven the slickest car on the road, regularly flaunted the latest technology, have been friends to some of the most powerful people in the world, and even retired at age 50…on Maui. But if we’d failed to move the dial on the eternal mission Jesus gave us, then what have we got? We might ride into the sunset in style, but we wouldn’t be happy. Because, quite simply, God gave us something greater than that to accomplish, something greater to invest in. Nobody ever called it The Good Commission. We can’t let this opportunity slip through our fingers.

Was the Dodgers’ season a failure? You bet. There won’t always be the opportunity to just “wait ‘til next year.” It’s time for all of us to get a little more world serious.

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