Christmas at Del Taco

You will find a baby wrapped in cloths and lying in a manger. —Luke 2:12

None of us are capable of climbing a moral ladder high enough to earn an audience with God on His level. The crippling effect of sin precluded that from being possible before we were even born. But God never copped an attitude like, “Hey, you humans made your bed, now lie in it”, “You do the crime, you do the time.” Instead, He just came down to our level. It would be like if the White House called and said that the President wants to have lunch with you.

“Okay, where should I meet him…what do you mean, Del Taco? Are you kidding me?”

You say, the President wouldn’t do that. I agree, but Jesus would. If the God who created and sustains the Cosmos would stoop down so low as to, not just become a human, but one as vulnerable as a newborn? And not just become an infant, but become an infant born in a barn?

“What do you mean a manger? Are you kidding me?”

Most of us probably can’t relate to what it’s like to spend time in an opulent palace, but even a king knows what it’s like to spend time in a barn. Everyone does. Baby’s don’t intimidate anybody. Everybody was one. Barns don’t intimidate anybody. Nobody’s ever underdressed. Del Taco’s don’t intimidate anybody. They’re everywhere!

If God is willing to be born in a barn to connect with you, then Jesus would meet you at Del Taco for lunch. You might want to ask Him to bless the food, before you eat it, but still.

PS: No offense. I love Del Taco.

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